We are Carburettor Gurus from way back.

We were brought up on them and trained by one of the best carburettor specialists in Australia. We can do simple re-kits to the full re-build. We carry moderate stock levels and range of throttle shafts, throttle discs and screws for the SU, CD, Stromberg, Holley and Rochester carburettors as well as selected popular rebuild kits from FuelMiser and Holley. We have a good range of individual Holley gaskets and small parts.

We utilise modern cleaning concepts using ultrasonics to remove years of built up grime & varnish. We can repair all motor vehicle carburettors no matter what make or model.

We only use quality carburettor kits from Fuel Miser for all our rebuilds with the exception of Holley. From many years of experience we find that genuine Holley kits are the best to use when rebuilding a Holley.

  • We can repair all motor vehicle carburettors no matter what make or model

  • We can repair worn shafts if new ones are not available

  • We can make and fit shaft bushes when the carb body is badly worn (when o/s shafts are not available)

  • We can repair worn linkages

  • We can repair stripped fuel inlet threads on some models

  • We can repair broken bits in most cases and repair cracks in the body

  • We can repair stripped threads with helicoils

  • We can straighten bent air horns and main body's on most models

If we can't fix it, then it is not repairable

No need for an appointment if you are dropping the carburettor at the workshop. An appointment is necessary if you want us to remove, re-condition, refit & adjust the carburettor or you want us to diagnose the problem to ensure it is the carburettor at fault.

If you are out of town then the best method to ship the carby to us is by   http://www.e-go.com.au   or Australia Post.



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